Step 1: Client Brief Form

Share the following link with your client:

This is the single most important step in the entire website process. We need the most comprehensive information/input possible from the start of every project. 

+ Send it to the client, have them fill it out electronically. 

+ Clarify the answers in the Strategy Call and add anything that was missed. This method is more intensive for the client, but can work if the client is very internet savvy.

Take your time to make sure it’s complete, but be aware that website projects will not start without the Onboarding Form. Also note, we will not start a website project with all written and image/video content that the client wants on their website. 

Step 2: Book the Onboarding Call

We will execute the onboarding call as a member of your team.

We suggest you set up a Zoom call and collaborate with the availability of your Account Manager via email at [email protected]