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CREA Roadmap for 2019

2018 has been an incredible year with a ton of new developments. We’ve learned from our mistakes and have begun to optimize all of our processes to be the most effective and profitable for our clients & partners.


Though we’ve made some amazing progress, there are several places where we are weaker than others and it’s time to be transparent and explain exactly what our goals for 2019 are:

Better onboarding systems

This is a blockage point for many, many businesses and we’re no different.

Setting expectations, making the sign-up process easier for our clients, and giving clear instructions in the beginning of any project is a huge goal.

Optimize our lead generation processes

Though we generate a ton of great leads for our clients & partners every month, we can always increase the quality and temperature of those leads.

By implementing more backend follow-up processes, a more unified team effort, more comprehensive campaign planning, and building templates/sandboxes for our preferred niches – I believe we can take our lead generation efforts to the next level.

“Productize” our services that make the biggest impact on our clients

This has been something that we have been planning and slowly taking action on for over a year. 2018 was a year that proved that we can simplify our service offerings.

We made leaps and bounds towards streamlining our most effective processes and making them extremely simple for our clients & partners to implement. 2019 will bring more stable ‘products’, higher quality of leads, better organization, and an overall streamlined process for finding a solution and onboarding.

Provide better support systems for our clients & partners

A major goal that we have for 2019 is to create a more comprehensive client support channel & project monitoring to make sure we serve our clients at the highest level possible.

This will include a live chat support ticketing platform & a ‘tasks/issues’ board where clients & partners can post their needs, get a fast response, and get notified when the issue is resolved.

Increase our level of commitment to YOUR BUSINESS

Our passion lies in crossing limits, pushing boundaries, and creating lead generation campaigns that truly connect your product or service with people (and businesses) that need it the most.

Our goal is to constantly improve, constantly optimize, and constantly provide a better service to YOU, our client.

In Conclusion

Thank you so much for partnering with us – we appreciate your business more than you know.

We look forward to growing together in 2019!

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RJ Elizarraz
RJ Elizarraz
After quickly explaining the mission and dream, Alex and his team executed and put the idea into digital reality quicker and more in alignment than I have ever seen performed with previous digital creators.
Ryan James
Ryan James
CREA Studio does all my lead gen pages and they convert great... highly recommended
Abbey Finley
Abbey Finley
Alex offered me an invaluable amount of help and insight for ways I can begin to strategize a plan for success and growth in my business.