Empire Caribe

We created this awesome website for a modern hotel, residences, and real estate investment opportunity.

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Modern, chic, functional.

Empire Caribe Boutique Hotel & Residences is the latest inhabitable work of art by Mexico City-based architect, Alejandro Alarcón Fierro.

CREA is their go-to creative agency and when this project came to fruition, we aimed to create a modern, slightly abstract, and conversion-oriented website to promote this investment opportunity. We are currently working on a digital marketing campaign with Empire Caribe.


CREA has been awesome to work with. We struggled to find a good digital marketing agency but I think the search is finally over.

Alejandro Alarcón Fierro


Alejandro Alarcon Fierro

Let's grow together.

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RJ Elizarraz
RJ Elizarraz
After quickly explaining the mission and dream, Alex and his team executed and put the idea into digital reality quicker and more in alignment than I have ever seen performed with previous digital creators.
Ryan James
Ryan James
CREA Studio does all my lead gen pages and they convert great... highly recommended
Abbey Finley
Abbey Finley
Alex offered me an invaluable amount of help and insight for ways I can begin to strategize a plan for success and growth in my business.