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Top 7 Search Engine Optimization Factors

  1. Fresh and Original Content
  2. Clean and Validated Code
  3. Easy and Accessible Navigation
  4. Good Interlinking of Web pages
  5. Healthy and Relevant Incoming Links
  6. Domain Age and Registered Period For
  7. Same Contacts at Site and Domain Registration

Fresh and Original Content

Google loves fresh and original content on your website, selectable content/text copy, and alt tags on your images.

Clean and Validated Code

Clean and validate code helps search engines to crawl deeply. Try to put content at the beginning of your web page.Try to shorten the text format with the help of external CSS.

Easy and Accessible Navigation

Text-based navigation helps search engines to read your content. Keep your navigation at top or left side of the web pages and make sure to add a sitemap page.

Good Interlinking of Web pages

Web links are like roads and streets for a website. Make sure all the internal links are text based, with relevant content.

Healthy and Relevant Incoming Links

Google likes referral websites, especially when they come from quality and relevant resources. The more  links, the more top rankings. One thing should be remembered that one relevant incoming link is better than a hundred irrelevant links.

Domain Age and Registered Period

Google started keeping new registered domains in sandbox since April 2004. In the sandbox almost all new domains kept on probationary period for 6 to 8 months, in some cases for longer period.

Google also likes to rank domains which are registered for longer period like for 5 or 10 years, because whoever registered domains for longer period shows how serious the website is and it shows that they most likely won’t SPAM people with those domains.

Same Contacts at Site and Domain Registration

Google likes those websites which have physical mailing address to their contact pages and google compares it with that physical mailing address which is used in domain registering.

Going Forward

Now that you know some of the factors that can rank your website on the 1st page of major search engines – contact us to do an audit of your website! We’ll uncover all of the issues that your website has and fix them for the future.

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