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What to Look for When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Choosing the right digital marketing agency is the most important phase in your business website’s existence.

It is important to align yourself with a company that are good at selling products and services online in order to ensure you reap the benefits that SEO can truly deliver.

Using in-house SEO staff is usually a bad experience. I also warn against using freelancers as it can be disorganized and take too long to see ROI. In my opinion, it’s almost always better to hire an outside agency.

How to Find Digital Marketing Agencies to Work With

Since digital marketing requires expertise, the first thing I suggest is searching Google for “SEO” and “Online Marketing” with the name of your industry or local area and taking note of the top 5 companies for each search result set.

Compare them, analyze them, contact each one of them, and try to figure out which one would be a good fit for you business. Below, we’ll give you some questions and information to guide your decision.

If that seems like a lot of work, get a free trial from CREA.

Basic Questions to Ask Your Prospective Digital Marketing Agency

There are several questions to ask at this point.

  1. Where do they place in the search engine results pages for their own services?
  2. Do they have at least 1 case study in comparable industries (B2B/B2C) that they can show online marketing success with?
  3. Does the SEO company have 24/7 support and phone support?
  4. Are they professional in their handling of your questions and do they deliver clear, honest answers?
  5. Do you have any references I can contact?

Once you have a chat with the agency, you will generally have an idea of how solid the company is and, more importantly, they are a good fit for your business website objectives.

What to Avoid When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

There are several things I would also consider:

  • Never trust a company that is willing to make any kind of guarantees on results.
    There is no way that an SEO company can know for sure that your website is going to be listed in the top 10 in the search results. If they do make promises then it is likely they will be optimizing your website for less than optimal keywords that are uncompetitive. For example you sell “electric boats” and you would like to be listed in the top ten for electric boats but it is very competitive. This dodgy company says they can get you in the top ten, but they don’t say for what keywords and they do deliver but it’s for a keyword phrase like “electric boats with flowers in Melbourne Australia” – this is completely useless and will not sell any more of your products!!
  • Never choose an SEO firm on price.
    Trust me when I say this – You get what you pay for! Aligning your business website with the best SEO firm, which may be more expensive, is going to get you a lot more traffic than a lower ranked SEO company. A more experienced SEO firm is likely to have many, many testimonials and graphs of clients to show you. Align with the best SEO Company and you get the best results it’s as simple as that – there is no doubt in my mind on this.

Now that you have narrowed down the list, take a day to go through all of the information gathered. Assess everything on its merits and choose wisely.

As I said above, never choose based on price, you get what you pay for.

Graphic design and the building of a website make up about 20% of the success of the website, the other 80% is getting people to come to your website and buy your product or service.

A similar comparison is opening a shop. You can make it as fancy and nice as you want to inside but if no one is coming through the door then it really doesn’t matter how nice it is. You could well have a warehouse and market more and you would likely be far more successful.


Finding a digital marketing agency can be a difficult experience, but it really all comes down to your business and your goals.

You should align your business with an agency that matches your company values and delivers results.

Feel free to sign up for a free trial from CREA, we’d love to hear from you!

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